What to pay attention to when using glycerin in daily life

In daily life, we often get glycerin. In fact, it has a good moisturizing effect. Many friends like to use it as a skin care product to wipe hands. So, what exactly is glycerin? Does it have any other effect? ​​When is glycerin used? How to use glycerin for whitening skin care? Let’s take a look.

What is glycerin?

Glycerol is the backbone component of triglyceride molecules. When the human body consumes edible fat, the triglyceride therein is metabolized by metabolism in the body to form glycerol and stored in the fat cells.

In winter, people tend to rub a little glycerin on their skin in order to resist dryness.

Glycerin, which everyone recognizes: a colorless, odorless, sweet, viscous oily liquid.

Pay attention to the use of glycerin

1, what air drying is not suitable for glycerin

Glycerin is water-absorbent and absorbs moisture from the air to moisturize the skin. This is a method that is suitable for use in areas with a humid air. In air-dried areas, the moisture in the air is too small, glycerin can not absorb, it will absorb the moisture in the skin, causing the skin to become more and more dry, so it is best to use glycerin with air humidity above 50%.

2, pure glycerin should be diluted

100% pure glycerin can not be used directly, not only is it irritating to the skin, it also quickly absorbs the skin’s moisture, makes the skin dry and peels, and makes the skin airtight. However, the bottled glycerin that we usually buy at pharmacies and supermarkets is a diluted glycerin solution that can be used with confidence.

3, do not use homemade glycerin

Many people now have the idea of ​​homemade glycerin. Although homemade glycerin is easy, but the environment and conditions of homemade glycerin are not up to standard, the aqueous solution is easy to breed bacteria, and preservatives must be added to glycerin. A good 30% ratio may cause damage to the skin if you are not careful. Therefore, it is best to use glycerin to go to pharmacies and supermarkets to buy ready-made.

Conclusion: In life, glycerin is mixed in skin care products for everyone to use, generally not diluted glycerin can not be directly applied to the face and body. Glycerin has a very light water absorption effect and absorbs moisture from the air to moisturize our skin. If it is in a dry place, glycerin cannot be absorbed.

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