Glycerin Glass Cleaning

Glycerin Glass CleaningDid you know that your glasses with glycerin will be sparkling? Glass cleaning, one of the most feared jobs among household chores, is the fearful dream of all women. Especially if the windows are large and you live in the top of the apartment to wipe the glass thoroughly can turn into a nightmare. You will have to wipe the parts of the windows that you cannot reach with the help of a stick. There is no detergent left in the window cleaning. Although most women use vinegar, bleach and glass wiping medicines, their windows do not reach the desired cleanliness and brightness. Glycerin is used in many fields. Besides being used in medical field, it is also used in cleaning and maintenance areas. Glycerin contains moisture-retaining properties. Using glycerin in glass cleaning will help to clean your glasses better and remove stubborn stains as well as scratches on your glass. Glycerin on the other hand thanks to the substances in your glass for a long time will ensure that the contamination of the glass will give a permanent gloss.

Glycerine glass cleaning use
Put 4 cups of water in a spray bottle in your home. Add 1 teaspoon of glycerin into the water. Then stir this mixture with agitation. Wipe with a soft damp cloth after spraying on the windows. Then dry with another clean cloth. Do not use any other cleaning product after cleaning your glasses with glycerine. This will cause the glycerine to lose its effect and stain your glass.
Advantages of Glycerin in glass cleaning;
  • Prevents stains on your glass.
  • Provides long lasting cleaning
  • Makes your lenses look brighter.
  • Cold weather also prevents internal evaporation thanks to glycerin’s moisture-retaining properties.
  • Your glasses will allow scratches to pass over time.
  • You can use glycerin against calcification in bath and shower cabins.

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