Glycerin Pure

Glycerin pure is an ear drop used in medicine and pharmacy to eliminate congestion. There is no vegetable or animal organic oil in this medicine. The content of some glycerin is chemical. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol and has a high boiling point. Glycerin pure has extremely high moisturizing properties. The consistency of this material is densely fluid. It is possible that the middle and outer ear points are infected with bacteria and viruses. With the secretion of the skin that occurs in the outer ear path, dirt accumulation starts in this part and congestion occurs in the ear. Glycerin pure recommended by the physician instead of any object when cleaning the outer side of the earuse will be more healthy. After some time after use of this substance, the secretion causing the obstruction softens and becomes flowable. Dirt that appears through the cotton swab used for medical treatment needs to be removed. The point to be considered in this regard is not to apply to the inner parts of the ear. Excessive use of glycerin purene can cause damage to the skin. Therefore, the instruction manual must be followed carefully.

Storage conditions of glycerin purene
Keeping this medical product, which is very valuable in terms of health, under proper conditions, is important for the benefit. Particularly high temperature and extreme cold should not be kept in any area. It may deteriorate outside of certain room temperature. Also, after using glycerin pure , the lid should be tightly closed. Otherwise, it will house viruses and bacteria and prepare the environment for infection. Do not leave in extremely humid areas. In addition, it would be appropriate to store it in its pure form under the right conditions without any additives being added.

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