Glycerine Content

Glycerin Content, glycerin is a chemical substance. It is also a polar organic trihydrosic alcohol. It is a light sweet substance which is non-toxic in a liquid consistency. Glycerin is mixed with alcohol and water. In short, it is a sugar alcohol and has a high boiling point. Glycerin can also be obtained from petrochemical and natural ways. This substance contains vegetable and animal oils. High moisturizing properties.
Where is glycerin used?
It is used in the food industry and is incorporated into foodstuffs. It acts as a moisture trap, sweetener and solvent. It can be used instead of sugar in sugar products. The taste of glycerin corresponds to about 60% of sucrose. Used as a thickener in ice creams. It can also be used as a thickener in liqueurs, a sweet type of alcohol. The calories are the same as the table sugar. It can also be used as a sweetener in cough syrups. It is used for treatment of constipation complaints. Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, caustic and sweetened syrupy liquid.
Compatible with skin. Facilitates renewal of living tissues. Water also has a dissolving structure. The glycerin content absorbs moisture and is therefore used to keep the body moist. Does not contain toxic substances. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin as it is a herbal product. Provides lubrication of our skin. It is not recommended for oily skin.
Key Benefits of Glycerine Content
  • Leaves skin smooth
  • Promotes cell maturation.
  • Used in the treatment of skin problems.
  • Nourishing skin structure.
  • Used in skin products.
  • Helps keep water on skin
  • It is a very effective moisturizer.
  • Glycerin content detoxifies skin.
  • Skin lightening feature.

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