Use of Glycerin

Glycerin has been used in candle making until the end of the 1800s, and it has become the most commonly used material in soap production in the following years. Today, there are 1500 different uses of glycerinGlycerol, also known as glycerol and a sugar alcohol, is liquid. Glycerin, which contains animal and vegetable oils, can be produced naturally or petrochemically. Glycerin has 1500 different uses and the most common uses are given below.

Areas of glycerine use
  • Used in candle and soap production.
  • Used in the production of cough syrups.
  • Used to relieve constipation.
  • Especially in the food industry is very common use. Where sugar is used, glycerin can be used instead of sugar, but is also used as a sweetener, solvent and moisture scavenger in foods and beverages.
  • Used in the production of dynamite.
  • Used in the manufacture of personal care products such as creams.
  • Used to breathe babies.
  • Glycerin, which can also be used for skin care, is particularly effective in repairing skin cracks and wounds.
  • It is used to correct and maintain the structure and consistency of ice cream.
  • Used in the construction of industrial solvents.
Use of glycerin in skin care
You can use the masks that you prepare by using glycerin which has moisturizing effect in your skin care. Some of the masks you can prepare with glycerin are listed below.
Moisturizing face mask:
It is very easy to make a moisturizing mask containing glycerin, 1 teaspoon of glycerin and honey after mixing 1 teaspoon of oat after adding this mixture until a certain consistency, mix the mixture into your face. After waiting for half an hour, rinse with warm water.
Regenerating skin care mask:
After crushing half a banana, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin and mix. After cleansing, apply to your skin and wait half an hour and rinse with warm water.
You can also care for hair with glycerin. You will see that the glycerin you apply to moist hair (not applied to dry hair) moisturizes your hair.

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