Application of Polyglyceride Fatty Acids

According to the characteristics of polyglyceride fatty acid esters, polyglyceride fatty acid esters can be applied in the following aspects.


1)In milk processing, hydrophilic polyglyceride fatty acid esters can improve the stability, foamability and shape retention of oil-in-water emulsifiers when used alone or in combination with lecithin and glycolipid. In the processing of fruit-flavored or lactic acid yoghurt, acidic milk fat can prevent protein denaturation, foaming difficulty and emulsifying stability from decreasing when pH value is 3.5-5. Because of its special foamability, it is used as an emulsifier with low fat content or without fat cream.

Coffee partners must have oil-in-water emulsification stability after adding coffee, that is, they must have acid resistance to the acidic components in coffee. Polyglyceride fatty acid esters have good stability in acidic region, so they can improve the dispersion of coffee and prevent oil slick and flocculation. When combined with organic acid mono-fatty acid glycerol ester, the coffee companion without milk protein can be made.

In ice cream production, mono-fatty acid glyceride is the most used emulsifier. When mixed with poly-glyceride fatty acid ester, it can improve the foamability and shape retention of ice cream. Triglyceride mono-fatty acid ester and bis-fatty acid ester have good effect, and secondary hydroxyl ester has better stability.


2)Polyglyceride fatty acid esters in beverage industry can be used as emulsifiers for alcoholic beverages and artificial milk beverages. By using their oil-in-water emulsifying energy in acidic areas, they can disperse milk fat components into strong acidic coffee, make coffee beverages, disperse essential oils such as orange oil into beverages, and make cloud spot beverages.


  • Oil-processing: oleophilic polyglycerol fatty acid esters can be used to produce low-energy (high moisture) butter, mobile wheat cream, wheat cream for rollers, daubed food containing cocoa powder or chili pepper, defilm oil (off-type oil), oil-in-water and oil-in-oil wheat cream. The water-in-water emulsifying energy of lipophilic polyglyceride fatty acid ester can be used as an oil crystallization preventive agent in addition to flowing shortening, plasticity shortening and crispy shortening.
  • Bread and pastry triglyceride monofatty acid ester, used to prevent bread aging. Ten polyglycerol laurate esters can be used as adjusting agent for dough, increase the volume of baked bread, improve the flavor and taste of bread and taste solubility.
  • As mentioned above, polyglyceride fatty acid esters can be used as chocolate viscosity reducer gum softener to prevent gum from sticking to teeth. In addition, it can also be used as emulsifier for candy containing fat and soft candy containing fruit juice.
  • Polyglyceride fatty acid esters in cosmetics have little irritation to skin and high safety. They can be used as emulsifiers, emulsifying stabilizers, cleaning aids, moisturizers, dispersants and basic materials of oil-in-water or oil-in-water type. Lauric acid-based polyglyceride fatty acid ester can be used as an adjuvant for shampoo and hair conditioner
  • Pharmaceuticals can be used as ointments, suppositories, pills, tablets and injection additives by utilizing the stability, acid resistance, hydrolysis resistance and compatibility with pharmaceutical substances of polyglyceride fatty acid esters. Stearic acid-based polyglyceride fatty acid ester has the regulating effect of powder medicine and the effect of covering and protecting intestinal tract. Polyglyceride fatty acid esters of palmitic acid and soybean oleic acid have been reported to inhibit glaucoma, constipation, epilepsy and reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Other polyglyceride fatty acids with thermal stability can be blended into various resins. Besides being used as plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, antistatic agent and turbidity inhibitor for vinyl chloride resin and polyolefin resin, it can also be used as emulsifier for emulsion polymerization of PVC and styrene resin.

In the fiber industry: can be used as softener, antistatic agent, heat-resistant lubricant improver, tire cord fabric spinning oil, etc.

In sugar industry: Polyglyceride fatty acid esters can be used as defoamers and tend to replace sorbitol esters.

In addition, polyglycerol dibasic esters can be used as stabilizers for PVC, acrylates as photosensitizers for photosensitive resins, natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) modifiers, etc.




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