Use of Polyglycerol

Polyglycerol has higher viscosity and boiling point than glycerol, less volatility and hygroscopicity, good moisturizing property, and the characteristics of improving emulsification stability, so it has a wide range of applications. Examples are as follows

Food industry: Polyglyceride fatty acid ester, has been introduced separately.

Cosmetics raw materials: using its hygroscopicity, moisture retention and other characteristics for the manufacture of cream, emulsion, glycerol propylene oxide adduct is the raw material of high quality hair cosmetics, in the field of high safety requirements, instead of petroleum chemicals. Aliphatic alcohol ether, can be used as shampoo, hair conditioner. Benzophenone derivatives are used to prevent ultraviolet absorption. Dibasic esters or salts are used as emulsifiers and detergents.

Fiber industry: The surface flexibility and hydrophilicity of hydrophobic fibers can be improved by immersing fibers in aqueous solutions of polyglycerol and other compounds. It can also be used as an auxiliary dyeing agent for water insoluble dyes.

Plasticizer: nylon plasticizer, hydroxypropyl cellulose plasticizer, polyurethane plasticizer. In addition, it is expected to be used as plasticizer for PVA, gelatin and semi-permeable membranes.

Composite material: used as antistatic agent and stabilizer; binder (adding polyglycerol in water-soluble binder such as dextrin, calcium chloride, gelatin, and adding polyglycerol borate in starch slurry) can adjust curing time and improve storage stability. At the same time, the epoxy propane adduct, which is expected to be used as a hot-melt binder for polyglycerin, can be used as raw material for ethyl carbamate (polyurethane), slurry agent for diazo copying paper and imaging promoter; in addition, it can also be used as polyformaldehyde stabilizer; stationary solution for gas chromatography analysis; electroless plating bath can be added to improve the quality of electroplating and to cement. It can prevent cracking and shorten curing time.

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