Application of Polyglycerol

Polyglycerol has higher viscosity and boiling point than glycerol, less volatility and hygroscopicity, good moisturizing property, and has the characteristics of improving emulsification stability. It has the following applications:

(1) Cosmetic raw materials (using their hygroscopicity and moisture retention)

Polyglycerol is used to make cream and emulsion. It can be used as thickener for paste in toothpaste. Polyglycerol propylene oxide adduct is the raw material of high-quality hair cosmetics. It can replace petroleum chemicals (aliphatic alcohol ether, shampoo and hair conditioner; benzophenone derivatives for ultraviolet absorption; dibasic esters or salts for emulsifiers and detergents) in areas requiring higher safety. )

Textile industry

The surface softness and hydrophilicity of hydrophobic fibers can be improved by immersing fibers in aqueous solutions of polyglycerol and other compounds, and they can also be used as dyeing auxiliaries for water insoluble dyes.

Plastics industry

It can be used as nylon plasticizer, hydroxypropyl cellulose plasticizer and polyurethane plasticizer. In addition, it is expected to be used as plasticizer for PVA, gelatin and semi-permeable membranes.

In addition, polyglycerol is used as antistatic agent and stabilizer in synthetic resin, polyglycerol is added to water-soluble binders such as dextrin, calcium chloride and gelatin, and polyglycerol borate is added to starch paste to adjust curing time and improve storage stability. It is also expected to be used as a hot-melt binder. Polyglycerol epoxy propane adduct can be used as defoamer for oil recovery, raw material for ethyl carbamate (polyurethane), slurry agent for diazo copying paper and image accelerator, as well as as as as polyformaldehyde stabilizer and stationary liquid for gas chromatography analysis. It can be added to electroless plating bath to improve plating quality, prevent cracking and shorten curing time in cement.

Polysiloxane modified by branched-chain polyglycerol not only has the inherent characteristics of low irritation, yellowing and viscosity, but also has high hydrophilicity, lubricity and ductility. It also has good wettability and Adsorbability to various substrates. It is widely used in cosmetics and fiber treatment.

Castor oil and polyglycerol can synthesize a defoamer used in fermentation process, which has a good effect on defoaming and antifoaming of fermentation broth.

Oligomeric glycerol can be used as the main grinding aids to increase production and reduce energy consumption. It can also be used as one of the components of multi-functional composite concrete slag admixtures to improve the compactness of concrete and have anti-freeze-thaw destructive properties.

It can also be used as an integral part of latex paint, ballpoint pen ink, oral health products, etc.

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