When is the skin better to use glycerin?

1, glycerin is used well when the skin is dry

Because glycerin has water absorption and is used when the skin is dry, glycerin can absorb moisture from the air to moisturize the skin, and form a water-locking film on the skin surface to slow down the loss of moisture in the skin and keep the skin moist for a long time. Improve dry skin.

2, glycerin is used well when preparing to sleep

The absorption of our skin will increase at night, so apply glycerin before going to bed to keep the skin moisturized for one night, and to help the skin to keep the skin clean and keep the skin clean at night. So the next day the skin is moist.

3, glycerin is used when you want to go out

Gently rub the glycerin on the skin before going out, which can protect the skin from segregation, because glycerin can resist the invasion of some external environment, and can avoid the skin moisture loss caused by wind blowing too fast. The use of glycerin in winter also has the effect of preventing frostbite and freezing cracks.

4, glycerin for cosmetic use lotion

Aqueous glycerin can be used as a lotion, and because glycerin is safe, many sensitive skin mm can be used with confidence. However, for the reasons mentioned above, glycerin alone does not completely lock the moisture, so after applying glycerin, apply a layer of body lotion.

5, hand and foot crack prevention

In addition to hand creams, glycerin can also be used. If allantoin can be added to glycerin, the anti-cracking effect is even better. Usually I will have a bottle of glycerin in the office, rub my hands at any time, and apply hand cream in the morning and evening. This winter is still very moist.

6, lip crack prevention

In fact, glycerin can also be used in the lips, and it is very effective. But be careful, it is best not to eat into your mouth.

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