What is glycerine and how it is used?

Glycerin is a sweet-tasting, neutral, colorless liquid which can turn into a paste when it freezes and has a very high boiling point. While it is flammable, it has a flammability rating of 1 which is very low. It can be easily dissolved in alcohol and water but not in oils. It is an excellent solvent, and many different compounds can be easily dissolved into it.

Glycerin is highly hygroscopic and can easily absorb water from the air. As a result, when 100% glycerin is placed on the tongue, it can result in blisters as it is very dehydrating. However, when it is mixed with water, it can help soften the skin. This is the reason due to which glycerin is so abundantly used in the cosmetics industry.

Moreover, it is also used for manufacturing anesthetics, cough remedies, ear infection drugs and for making capsules. It is also used very commonly for manufacturing soaps, as a freeze control and as an intermediate in the production of chemicals, like polyester polyols. Silver Fern Chemical, Inc is your one-stop destination for buying glycerin and a wide range of other industrial chemicals in bulk quantities. With a well-developed network throughout the US, it is one of the most reputed chemical suppliers in the country.

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