What are the benefits and disadvantages of glycerin for the skin

Glycerol has the advantages of moisturizing and moisturizing, moisturizing the skin and preventing skin cracking. Correct use of glycerol skin care can play a very good moisturizing and skin care effect. Glycerol is not harmful, but we need to pay attention to the use of the environment and concentration, some glycerol need to be diluted before it can be used, and direct use is slightly irritating to the skin.

Glycerin for Skin Benefits:

1.Moisturizing ,glycerin is very suitable for people with dry skin. Glycerin rubbing on the skin can moisturize dry skin. Then glycerin will form a protective film on the skin surface, which will lock up the moisture in the skin and reduce the loss of water. And glycerol also absorbs moisture from the air itself, keeping the skin moist for a long time.

2.Protective benefits

When glycerin is applied to the face, an invisible protective film will be formed on the skin surface, which will isolate the outside air from the skin and protect the skin against the invasion of the outside environment. So before going out in winter, apply glycerin on bare skin to protect skin.

3.Frost crack prevention

There is another advantage of using glycerin in winter, that is, to prevent skin frost cracking, winter hands and feet prone to chilblain, after the weather turns cool, stick to the use of glycerin every day, can play a role in preventing chilblain. If the lips are easy to crack, then it can be applied to the lips, just be careful not to eat.

Notes for glycerol skin care:

1.Attention should be paid to air humidity in winter when skin is dry. Glycerol can absorb water and keep skin moist and moist for a long time. But this method is limited to the south where the air is wet. If the air is dry in the north, glycerol can’t absorb moisture from the air, and it will absorb moisture from the skin, so the skin will get drier and drier. To use glycerin, look at the air humidity of the day above 50, then you can rest assured that the use of glycerin.

2.Glycerol skin care should not be directly applied glycerol, although it can moisturize the skin, but because of the high concentration of glycerol, directly applied to the skin may bring some irritation, and too high concentration of glycerol directly applied to the skin, strong water absorption may also absorb water from the skin. So before using glycerin, it’s better to dilute it with water.

3.Pay attention to the fact that glycerol is not oil, but the skin will feel more oil after applying glycerol, so glycerol is more suitable for people with dry skin, if it is oily skin, then the use of glycerol will easily make the skin greasy and uncomfortable, so the use of glycerol is best based on their skin.


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