19 Unbelievable Skin Benefits Of Glycerin

As sweet as nectar is not all that glycerin is about, it also has some profound health and beauty benefits to offer. You will be surprised to know that this natural humectant is also used to treat minor health woes like constipation to more serious ailments such as cerebral edema. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, glycerin is used in treating a myriad of skin conditions. It is in fact one of the most common ingredients found in most beauty products on the market today. before we go into glycerin uses for skin, let us first go through the composition of this miracle skin serum.

Glycerin, a sugar-alcohol compound, (the pure chemical product is called Glycerol, while the impure commercial product is called Glycerin) is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It’s a thick (viscous), colorless and odorless liquid. It is soluble in water, sweet to taste and is non-toxic too. It is used extensively in the making of soaps, anti-ageing gels, and even moisturizers. It is also is widely used as ingredients in drugs and pharmaceuticals, food sweetening and in the paper and printing industry to make printing ink.

It is 100% natural and nourishes your skin from within. With glycerin, you can bid adieu to side effects such as rashes and breakouts and welcome a soft and supple skin!

And, now it is time for the many uses of glycerin.

19 Glycerin Uses For Skin and How To Use It?

  1. It can be used as a cleanser.
  2. It can be used as a toner.
  3. It is a wonderful skin moisturizer.
  4. Applying the diluted version makes hands smooth.
  5. It helps retain moisture in the skin and thus nourishes dry skin.
  6. It plays an important role in cell maturation.
  7. It cures oily skin problems like pimples, acne and blackhead.
  8. It is 100% natural and gentle on the skin and thus can be used on infants and kids.
  9. Glycerin is non-toxic in nature, and can be used to treat chapped lips.
  10. It can be used to treat mouth ulcers.
  11. Wash your feet well and apply glycerine on your cracked heels. It works like magic in healing your cracked heels overnight.
  12. It can also be used as a sunscreen to some extent.
  13. It removes clogged impurities and helps in lightening skin shade.
  14. Glycerin also gives the skin a soft and supple feel.
  15. Apply a coat of glycerine on your nails after removing nail paint. It prevents them from looking dried up.
  16. Apply raw glycerine directly on scars that are especially caused burns, acne or wounds to get rid of them. Also read : Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Acne
  17. People with dry skin can apply raw or diluted glycerine on skin. It is way better than those costly creams and parlour treatments.
  18. It can be used for skin lightening.
  19. It helps reduce wrinkles thus makes the skin look younger.

While any form of glycerin will work the same magic on your skin, our votes go out to vegetable glycerin. So, what is vegetable glycerin? And, how can it be used to better your complexion and skin health?

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