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External circulation heating technology

Brief introduction of clean production technology of glycerol distillation

(based on external circulation heating distillation technology)


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Our advantages in the glycerol Technology Series

  • The production capacity of internal heating distillation equipment is 10 -100T / D,
  • The production capacity of the external circulation distillation equipment is 50 -300T / D,
  • 997 high gauge glycerol distillation process production line.
  • Clean transformation technology of traditional distillation production line.
  • Clean production technology of complex glycerol, such as sulphate.
  • Continuous decolorization technology

Comparison of internal and external heating distillation technology


Type Distillation
Capacity Yield Glycerol treatment Product
(Kpa) (T/D)
Internal coil heating 180~210 6~8 10~100 Low OK Low
External circulation heating 150~170 0.2~0.3 50~300 High Not recommended High


The advantages of external circulation heating glycerol technology are:

  • The technology of external circulation and low energy consumption is equal to the existing technology.
  • The treatment temperature is below 160 degrees, which greatly reduces the generation of decomposition and polymerization.
  • Environmental design also achieves excellent level. The whole system is designed with negative pressure, without any sensitive gas leakage. At the same time, the sewage produced by the system is minimized and completely cleaned, sent to the sewage treatment center to deal with the discharge of the standard.
  • The salt in raw material is on-line continuous separation technology, which is mainly removed in solid form, and it can be sold as industrial salt.
  • Glycerol residues from non glycerol organic matter and polyglycerol are sold as industrial auxiliaries after desalting.
  • The water circulation pump adopts the technology of circulating closed water, which greatly saves the fresh water consumption.
  • Energy recycling is maximized, and processing cost is highly competitive.
  • A full set of DCS designs, continuous import and export, smooth operation, excellent quality and minimum labor force.
  • The circulating cooling water is not contacted with the system, and it will never pollute.
  • The yield of distillation is 2-3 percentage points higher than that of traditional process.
  • 80% of the finished products were obtained with a high content of 99.9


Necessary basic public utilities.

  • Heat conduction oil furnace 600 thousand kcal / tons of finished products.
  • Cooling water 60 cubic / ton finished product.
  • Electric 10KW / ton finished product


Separation Purpose


Process schematic


Three wastes treatment scheme

  • Salt free waste water (to be treated at the sewage station).

Distillation section: 500 tons (COD: 4, 000 ppm).

  • Solid

Solid salt (sold as industrial salt) (containing a small amount of M, O, N, G, polyglycerol, glycerol): 50~80 kg.

Activated carbon (activated carbon plant recovery) (containing glycerin): 3~8 times.

  • Polyglycerol residue (as a sale of industrial auxiliaries).

Distillation section: 50~80 tons



Processing cost

Because of the difference in quality of crude glycerol, the yield fluctuating range is between 90 and 98%, and generally reaches 95%.

(Calculated with 10ooKG finished products):


Heat source Chemical
Natural gas 60m³ Liquid – (32%) 1-3kg
Power 100kWh Activated carbon 1 -3kg

Glycerol uses different heat medium cost analysis (fluctuation of energy price is large, please according to existing price revision).

Coal calorific value kcal/kg 5000
Natural gas calorific value kcal/m³ 8400
Latent heat of vaporization kcal/kg 480
Natural gas price yuan/m³ 3
Coal price yuan/kg 0.98
Coal oil efficiency 0.7
Efficiency of gas coal furnace 0.8


  1 ton 95% glycerin consumption of steam (kg) Natural gas (m³) Coal (kg)
Consumption 1000 71 137
Price(yuan) 260 214 134


Factory scene