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Turnkey operation

HDC is a design company which specializing in glycerol refining industry,our engineering capability includes the whole range of services from the initial design to the final turnkey to the factory.


From one contact to the general contract of the project


If you want to know the glycerol refining device and the related information, the simplest way is to contact us by telephone, or send you the requirements and details of the project to our email. We will tell you about the related technology introduction, project composition and project investment.

After discussion, we will provide a preliminary design plan based on your request. If you are satisfied with our design, on the basis of a preliminary cooperation, we can show you the glycerol refining system and the opportunity to visit the related factory.


Project implementation stage:

1、 Preliminary design contract

2、Site survey

3、Basic and detailed project contracts,including:

(1)Process complete analysis

(2)Tower, heat exchanger and non-standard equipment design

(3)Design of automation system

(4)Design of public facilities

(5)3D modeling of equipment

(6)Design of three dimensional piping

(7)Design of steel structure

(8)Design of buildings and other departments

4、Manufacture of towers, heat exchangers and non standard equipment

5、Procurement of standard equipment and automation system

6、Delivery of equipment and accessories

7、Installation and automation system of main equipment

8、System debugging and starting

9、Create product standards and production guidelines

10、Employee training

11、Using CHEMSPC system to optimize enterprise management

12、Service and after-sales service



What will you get in the end?

–Because of the high quality products and low production cost, you will be able to grasp the dominant position of the market.

–A factory that manages simple, stable and reliable production.

–To reduce the existing energy consumption, raw material consumption and labor cost.