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The development of glycerol industrial

The development of glycerol production is mainly affected by the development of oil chemical industry.

At present, the source of glycerol is as below sheet:

Source of glycerol Proportion
Fat and acid industry 40%
Soap making industry 25%
Fat drunken industry 15%
Bio fuel industry 10%
Synthetic glycerol 10%

Bio diesel has started and been most widely used in Europe.which Output is more than 50% of the market share. China’s bio diesel started late but developed rapidly, indicating that the development of bio diesel is a trend.Oil is a renewable resource, the increasing of oil production (2%~3%) and the development of new oil source provide rich raw materials for glycerol. The fierce competition of the oil market in the world , the higher price of petroleum has made the cost of synthetic glycerin rising, so the synthetic glycerin lost its competitive ability with the natural glycerol,plus the pollution problem, it is difficult to do any more. And Because of the cost of raw materials, energy consumption and other problems, the industry of fermented glycerin is already at risk.