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  • Turnkey operation

    Turnkey operation

    HDC is a design company which specializing in glycerol refining industry,our engineering capability includes the whole range of services from the initial design to the final turnkey to the factory....

  • Equipment design

    Equipment design

    Tags:Equipment design

    The company will be in a short period of time using professional equipment design software to design the initial model and size, after completion of the preliminary design, equipment information wi...

  • Process automation design

    Process automation design

    Tags:Process automation design

    Our process automation provides a unique set of control solutions for process services based on the process provided.The control system that we provide will be closest to the actual production dema...

  • Process Design

    Process Design

    Tags:Process design

    The company will use the latest experiment and production results to optimize the existing process, so that our technology and service will give your products a competitive advantage in the market....